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Medium Pad - Priced Per Pad


Naturally Cozy’s reusable pads are the best option that I have found for feminine hygiene. I purchased a few samples in different sizes to get an idea of which ones would work best (it is really nice that this option is offered, btw). I tried the Medium pad, Light Panty liner (7 ½ in), Alida pad and Teeny-Tiny liner. If your budget allows, I strongly recommend trying a few different samples. I decided on the medium pad and light panty liner both with 2 snaps since the pads with one snap tended to shift around for me. They have proved to be very comfortable and work much better than disposable pads. They are pretty simple to clean as well. I soaked them overnight, changed the water once, gave a little bit of attention to the tough spots and then washed with the regular laundry. After washing, they were clean, fresh smelling and ready to use again! I LOVE the thought of not buying disposables ever again!! Naturally Cozy is a great family company and I highly recommend their products.
Date Added: 04/05/2014 by Dawn G.