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We here at Naturally Cozy are about to make some big changes.  As most of you have probably figured out by now – we are not a large, multi-employee business.  I, Cana, have been running Naturally Cozy for 8 years - since I was 13.  I am now taking herbalist classes, got a flight school scholarship, and help take care of homestead needs, on top of running Naturally Cozy.

We have grown to the point over this past year that we need to make some changes to the website, to the work area and may even need to add employees. 

Beginning effective today, April 1,2021, all orders will be on a waiting list. 

Please keep in mind, these are handmade, custom order items. I have been working day and night (with the help of my sister – who is in high school)trying to finish up current orders, but beginning this evening any new orders will not be promised a finish date.  We are transitioning into a business model that will benefit both me - the owner, and you - our wonderful Naturally Cozy customers.  

Thank you for your support over the years and for your patience in this time of change for Naturally Cozy and I.

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Other than the one that the dog got ahold of (which is even still usable, just torn), they are still in remarkably good condition. I try to always air-dry them (just miss a few in the towels sometimes) and even though I have fairly hard water they are even still soft and flexible enough to be comfortable up against my “that time of the month” lady parts.

Recommend highly. If you can afford the initial investment, they are SOOOO worth the money!!!!


These products are fantastic. Very comfortable, well-made, good-looking and super easy to wash. I love them. I bought a full set and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!


Having personally experienced how this company corrects problems with both speed and kindness, and how exceptional the product quality is, I was happy when I needed to place another order. It arrived in reasonable time with the slight modification I had requested. Thanks!

Country Girl

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Our products are designed to give customers a healthy alternative to disposables, to help customers save money and be good stewards of the environment.

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