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About Naturally Cozy

Our company slogan

Practical, Prudent, Prepared and Pretty

Our Mission Statement

Naturally Cozy’s goal is to provide high quality, hand sewn products that can be used for many years to replace standard disposable hygiene items at a very reasonable cost.

About Us

Naturally Cozy began in 2009!

We are a Christ centered, home schooling, business owning, customer helping family wanting to serve you!

We moved to northern Idaho in 2013 after serving as missionaries in Alaska for ten years.

We continue our missionary work here, by equipping, training and leading others in missions and other kinds of ministry. This business helps support our family’s ministry.

We have several businesses that we believe help people very much and provide a way to be good stewards and keepers of God's creation.

Contact Us

Naturally Cozy
P.O. Box 406
Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805
1-208-267-2699 - That’s 208-267-COZY

Our Other Home Business

North Idaho Heat – Blaze king woodstoves