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Pad Care and Washing Directions

Washing Directions:

We suggest that you prewash all pads before use.

Many of our customers keep a bucket of water with a little peroxide in their laundry rooms and put their used pads in it to soak until they can have enough for a load.

Wash warm in gentle cycle. Hang or lay flat to dry. If hanging, use the handy Naturally Cozy label on your pad to hang on the line with a clothes pin.

It’s that easy!

“I don't take super good care of my pads, but some of them are 6 years old and still look and work great!”

– A happy customer

Do not use bleach to remove stains. If your pads are stained, look below at how to take great care them.

Do not dry your pads in the dryer. It is best if you line dry. (“Mine have ended up in the dryer more than once, and still work great.”- Another satisfied customer)


Below are detailed washing directions according to a customer who takes great care of her pads. She has gotten over 8 years use out of her pads and they’re still going strong!


Handy Tips:

Proper fitting underwear is essential to your enjoyment and use of our handmade pads and liners.  Loose or baggy underwear will not hold pads in place.

Please note that we use a zigzag stitch in lieu of serging. This stitch allows some fraying around the edges of your pads. The serger stitch tends to cause chafing and our patrons prefer the softer feel of fraying. If you have long strings after your first wash, simply clip them off. The fraying should then just cause a soft comfy feel - "Broken in" - like your favorite pair of jeans. Ultimately, the double or triple zigzag stich that we use will make your pads last much longer than if they had been serged.